Weight Loss Green Store Tea



How Do I Become An Agent/Distributor?

E-mail info@weightlossgreenstore.com to discuss further.

Will My Privacy Be Respected?

Your privacy is of primary concern and will be given maximum priority. Your order will be shipped to you in discreet plain packages which follow strict international regulations that are standard in shipments.

Do You Ship All Over The World?

Yes! Wherever you live, we'll ship your order right to your doorstep!

We ship our products all over the world, with DHL Express Delivery Services. You will receive your parcel in maximum 3-5 business days.

After ordering, we can give you a track number, you would be able to follow your parcel with it.

What Makes Weight Loss Green Store Fat Burner Unique?

Weight Loss Green Store has 100% herbal formulation without any form of artificial chemical alteration. Weight Loss Green Store  is without harmful side effects and presenting a 99% success rate.

How Soon Can I Start Losing Weight?

Weight loss varies from person to person. The amount of weight loss depends on your weight, caloric intake, and amount of exercise you do.

Is It Possible To Combine It With Other Medications Or Herbs?

Weight Loss Green Store can be combined with all medications prescribed by your doctor, and herbal products you are taking.

Is There Any Age Limit To Use This Product?

You can use it in safety, if you are older than 15.

How Many Pounds Can You Lose In One Month?

You can take control of your metabolism naturally and lose up to 11 pounds in a month with Weight Loss Green Store Tea !

How Long Will One Bottle Last?

It gives you a complete thirty day supply. Weight Loss Green Store Tea gives you the exact amount to get a full month’s supply in every bottle.

Does Weightloss Green Store Tea Really Work?

Yes. The field has seen dramatic breakthroughs in the last five years. The successful weight loss journey stories you're hearing about are real. Weight Loss Green Store Tea  is gaining increased credibility in the medical community for both its physical results and psychological effects.

Is It Safe?

Weight Loss Green Store has been prepared with the foremost care and detail. The herbs that went into the preparation of this product are 100% safe and natural. The herbs used in WeightLoss Green Store Tea are ecologically clean.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Weight Loss Green Store has no undesired or side effects. The product has been on the market for years.This formula could not harm you because it is a real natural product, beneficial to your health. It is not addictive and no allergic and toxic effects have been observed.

How Should I Use It ?

Take 1 tablespoon of  Weight Loss Green Store Tea in a pot and add 3 and 1/2 glasses of water.


Then boil it a few minutes, Let it brew for 20  minutes. After it brewed, filter the tea leafs. ( It is recommended to make it ready before bed time and start to drink it as soon as  getting up).


For the best results, it is recommended to drink 3 cups of the cooled Weight Loss Green Store Tea in a day, 1/2 hour before each meal. This means you will need to drink a cup of  Weight Loss Green Store Tea, 1/2 hour before each meals and totally you will be drunk 3 cups of tea. 


You can keep it in refrigerator to cool it at night.

What is WeightLoss Green Store Tea ?

Weight Loss Green Store Tea is the world's leading herbal choice for healthy weight loss. This product is a combination of the safest herbs that work effectively to shed your weight and improve your  life. It helps you wash out all of the broken fat cells through your urine and speed up your weight loss process.