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"How do I lose my belly fat? I tried a few things, but nothing worked."

If you can not lose your belly fat, you are using the wrong approach. You do not need tactics for seats that are starving yourself or worse surgery, forever. The effective and real worked ways to lose your belly fat - fast and naturally. You will read the following fat belly burn tips

Become Stronger

Strength training forms muscle mass, prevents muscle loss and helps fat loss. Squat & Deadlift is the best to build power.

Eat Healthy and Naturally

As it is said“abs are built in the kitchen”. Althought you work out train hard & build muscular abs, if you keep eating junk food , you won’t lose your belly fat. So do not eat processed food. Eat whole, unprocessed foods.

Drinnking Alcohol ? Think About It?

To lose your belly fat, it is as important what you drink. Alcohol from time to time is acceptable. Just forget  about losing your belly fat if you drink a lot beer & sweet alcohols daily. Beer drinkers always have a pear shape: belly fat & man boobs – especially as they get older. Alcohol also stresses your liver which has to overwork to clear the toxins. This can get in the way of building muscles. And the body cannot remove the toxic impact of alcohol  before 72 hours .

Eat More Protein

Protein has a higher thermal effect than other vitamins: your body burns more energy-processing protein than carbohydrates and oil. For this reason, high protein diets work well in fat burning.

Eat Healthy Fat in Rich Vitamine

The fat does not make you fat. Bad nutrition and not exercising. Eating healty and organic fat actually helps fat loss. If your body continues to get an oily fat, it will not store fat easily

Try to Eeat these oils below

Olive Oil

Organic Butter

Argan Oil for Vegetable

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Diabetes 2-Benefits Of Weight Loss

Diabetes 2-Benefits Of Weight Loss

Weight loss is a general suggestion for treatment for type 2 diabetes. Many from these people are with weight excess when they’re first diagnosed, and that additional grease actually increases their insulin resistance so their bodies can’t appropriately use the hormone insulin.

After losing weight, people with type 2 diabetes can become less insulin resistant,so they’re able to use insulin better.

If you’ve currently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and you're obese, you should get started with your weight loss plan. It is better to work with a dietitian which help you prepare a plan contains a realistic goals,healthy meal plan and physical activity.

 There are many benefits to losing weight:

  1. Lower your cholesterol levels
  2. Improve your energy
  3. Protect your heart

To reach your weight loss,make small changes.Reduce portion size. Find recipes using low-fat options.Physical activity can also help you with weight loss. 

 A Final Weight Loss Message

For various individuals, losing weight doesn’t help them have better control of their blood glucose levels, and that’s all right. They may need to use medications or insulin to mantain their blood glucose level in the normal diapason, but they should also still eat healthy foods,drink relevant liquids and increase physical activity.

Everyone should strive for a healthy weight. Losing weight can help lower your body’s insulin resistance, but if it doesn’t help you accomplish better blood glucose control, that doesn’t mean you’ve fizzle out.Maintaining a healthy weight and losing weight are healthy choices for life—whether you have type 2 diabetes or not.



Beat Belly Fat And Live Longer

Beat Belly Fat And Live Longer

Your belly size can be an indicator of your future health risks.People which excess fat is around their stomach are more threaten than people which fat is around their thighs and hips.

This more dangerous visceral fat accumulates deeper in the belly and cover around vital organs,such your heart,kidneys and liver.

In the heart, they may cause appereance of plaques in the arteries and veins which increase the risk of heart attack.

Visceral fat go directly to the liver where they improve the production of bad fats,such triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.Also guide the body to produce higher levels of glucose.This excess fat can lead to sleep apnoea which results with weakness, sleeplessness and stress.

Besides, visceral fat cause glucose levels rise. Then your body tries to get out of the oversuplly glucose by exhaust more insulin.The result is insulin resistance and therefore type 2 diabetes.

 But Don’t Worry!There Is Good News!

So, if you decide to make some changes for healthier lifestyle,we can help you to add years to your life.Everything that you need it is our Weight Loss Green Store Tea.Our totally natural and herbal product can help you to get rid of exessive belly fat easy without all strict diets and exercises.







5 Fast Ways To Get Rid Of Belly

5 Fast Ways To Get Rid Of Belly

To burn calories and turn fat in "fuel" you must strength the circulation of blood. Walking is a great way to get in shape. If you really want to quickly get rid of belly,return walking in routine. 

When you eat, you usually have to make a choice what to eat. In most cases, we all know what is useful and what is not. To get rid of excess weight-eat only foods that do not need a label to see what it contained. This means - fruits, vegetables, meat and water. Do not eat foods that contain sugar,white dough or greasy foods.

To get rid of belly you should give up of alcohol drinks. Before start complain - think about that if you set goal and you really want to lose a little weight, you must be missing from these "empty" calories.

Drinking plenty of water is essential to keep the work of muscles and metabolism. So replace all other drinks with water, even carbonated.

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Maintain A Healthy Weight To Prevent High Blood Pressure

Maintain A Healthy Weight To Prevent High Blood Pressure



 Obesity is a N.1 risk factor for high blood.Reduction of the weight results with reduction in blood pressure.Loosing of 22 pounds weight resulted in a decrease in systolic blood pressure by 10 to 20 mm. Losing weight also leads to an improvement in the response to the medication.

Decreasing  by 11 to 22 pounds of excess weight will ensure better health of patients. Because obesity is a process by which accumulates excessive fat tissue as subcutaneous, and around the vital organs such as the heart, vessels, kidneys. Between 30-40% of the reasons for weight gain are due to genetic and environmental, and the remaining 60-70% are the result of lifestyle for everyone.

Today, obesity is defined as "new actor on the stage of cardiovascular risk factors, including children.Diseases that result from it are hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, stroke, sleep apnea, peripheral venous disease.

We can help you to reach your weight loss goal. A goal that we promise is 100% safe and 100% effective at a price that is incredibly small compared to the results available.We are representing to you-our Weight Loss Green Store Tea-totally natural and made from the best quality herbs.

Since we recognize that quality and integrity can vary from one company to another, we take pride of carrying products that have proved themselves to our customers. We believe in good nutrition, regular exercise and wise supplementation as a way to fulfill your aspirations and goals.







6 Smart Tips For Losing Weight

6 Smart Tips For Losing Weight

The most common problem for women today is how to maintain slim body and in the quest for answers lots of ladies turned to the smartest woman in the world.

  1. Forget snack :Among the first rules which are supposed to bring the body in a good shape,is throwing out snacks from the shopping basket.The kitchen shelves should be filled with all the groceries for three daily meals, but you are supposed to leave out sweet and salty snacks like cookies, chips and everything else that is dangerous for your body.
  2. Never “clean” the plate:Eating too much food is the worst way of throwing out tasty food. However much your meal is tasty, the best for your good shape is to learn how to leave part of the food on the plate for the next meal, but not for snacks. If you can't control yourself than cook and serve smaller portions.
  1. Enjoy your dinner:The pleasure of enjoying dinner with family and friends in the modern world is slowly dying, but that shouldn’t stop us to enjoy every bite even when we eat alone. Her favorite enjoyment is going out to have dinner and spreading the whole ritual without much hurry
  1. Don’t underestimate the calories:Healthy food in a meal doesn’t allow over-eating which is a huge mistake in nutrition, people underestimate calories. Easy breakfast and lunch usually contains 250 calories.

  1. Eat only the food you deserve:Never agree to bad food, your body deserves only the best. That’s why you should forget about overcooked pasta, greasy sandwich or bad cookies because you simply don’t deserve that.
  2. Use natural herbal tea:WeightLoss Green Store Tea is one of the most powerful products available in all three dieting categories: fat-burning, fat inhibiting and appetite suppression. The revolutionary weight management formula is made up of only the highest quality natural ingredients that allow you to accomplish your weight loss goals without having to worry about any nasty side effects.

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Fat Burning Rules

Fat Burning Rules

If you want to lose weight and then remain permanently slim, you need a solid nutrition plan. The first rules for fat burning that is, almost half  refer to the diet.


High Percentage
A nutritional method with a high protein content of approx. 40% promotes muscle growth and accelerates the burning of fat and therefore fat loss.

Eat Fat - But Correct
If you want to lose fat, you have to take good fats to you. Especially polyunsaturated fatty acids e.g. Omega-3 - promote the burning of fat. Take about 30% of your nutritional values through these good fats. You can find them in walnuts, salmon, sardines, trouts or in olive oil and peanut butter etc.

You Need Eggs
Eggs contain much egg protein. If you take three whole eggs a day, they will help you lose much more body fat.

Weight Loss Green Store Tea Healthy Fat Burner


Drink Plenty Of Water
The daily drinking of two liters of water temporarily increases the metabolic rate by about 30%. In addition, the degraded fat can be transported away better by the liquid. Cold water also causes increased fat burning because your organism needs energy to restore body temperature.


Heavy Weights
Your body always burns fat, but its main work is in the resting phases after the workout. If you now train with heavy weights, your oxygen consumption increases after the sport. This increases the metabolic rate, which in turn can significantly increase the degree of fat burning in the resting state.

Get Up
Research has shown that the fat burning ability is blocked when sitting. So get out of the office as often as possible.

Weight Loss Green Store Tea

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Secrets For Successful Weight Loss In The New Year

Secrets For Successful Weight Loss In The New Year

Losing weight seems to be on every list of New Year's items. But what is the best way to shed pounds once the holidays are finished? Read on for tips that will help you lose weight successfully in the new year.

Eat Regularly
Skipping meals can have a negative impact on your metabolism. Instead of eating less, consume small, nutritious snacks and meals more frequently and do not try to eat after seven o'clock at night when your metabolism is slowest.

Reduce Your Portions
It is a simple fact: Eat less and you will lose weight. To combat this habit, use a smaller plate for your meals. And when ordering or purchasing food, choose the smallest size of calorie-rich items.

Weight Loss Green Store Tea Healthy Weight Loss

Dig The Crash Diet
Diet makes food an enemy, not a source of food and well-being. So called yo-yo diet lose weight, put it back on, lose it again and so on - is bad for your health. If you suddenly reduce your food intake, you body because it is designed for survival, slow down your metabolic rate to store energy more efficiently.

Don't Rush Your Meals
Eat slowly. It takes half an hour for the brain to recognize that the stomach is full so you will not hurry your meals. It is a major reason why we eat too much. Always put your fork between the bites.

Weight Loss Green Store Tea

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What Are The Health Risks of Being Overweight ?   

What Are The Health Risks of Being Overweight ?  

Being overweight has become today's disease. For both males and females, this disease is becoming more and more dangerous. Weight problems effect our health as well as disfigure our our body. Disorders seen in early ages, can shorten people's lifetimes. But the problem of excess weight is a negative factor for us to have all kinds of diseases in any ages.

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Here are the health risks of being overweight:

  • Almost 90% of overweight people have cardiac and vascular diseases.  Also with weight gain, a risk consists about blood pressure and diabetes.
  •  Formation of stones in the gallbladder is seen as quite common in overweight people . Also hepatic steatosis and reflux problems are seen quite commonly.
  • There are many overweight patients have sleep problems. Shortness of breath may occur during sleep, so the patient cannot sleep at night and not sleep. Also asthma and respiratory diseases are common in overweight persons. 
  • Breast cancer, uterus and gall cancer are more common with overweight females. In addition, irregulations on period  and ovulation disorders also occur in pieces. Therefore, it reduces the chances of having children.
  • Cellulite occurs more because of excess fat in overweight people

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You can get rid of these risks by making your choice with Weight Loss Green Store Tea. Weight Loss Green Store Tea helps you to  have healthier body and more confident appereance.  Burn fat and get slim with herbal ingredients of Weight Loss Green Store Tea now!