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What Are The Health Risks of Being Overweight ?  

Being overweight has become today's disease. For both males and females, this disease is becoming more and more dangerous. Weight problems effect our health as well as disfigure our our body. Disorders seen in early ages, can shorten people's lifetimes. But the problem of excess weight is a negative factor for us to have all kinds of diseases in any ages.

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Here are the health risks of being overweight:

  • Almost 90% of overweight people have cardiac and vascular diseases.  Also with weight gain, a risk consists about blood pressure and diabetes.
  •  Formation of stones in the gallbladder is seen as quite common in overweight people . Also hepatic steatosis and reflux problems are seen quite commonly.
  • There are many overweight patients have sleep problems. Shortness of breath may occur during sleep, so the patient cannot sleep at night and not sleep. Also asthma and respiratory diseases are common in overweight persons. 
  • Breast cancer, uterus and gall cancer are more common with overweight females. In addition, irregulations on period  and ovulation disorders also occur in pieces. Therefore, it reduces the chances of having children.
  • Cellulite occurs more because of excess fat in overweight people

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