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Secrets For Successful Weight Loss In The New Year

Losing weight seems to be on every list of New Year's items. But what is the best way to shed pounds once the holidays are finished? Read on for tips that will help you lose weight successfully in the new year.

Eat Regularly
Skipping meals can have a negative impact on your metabolism. Instead of eating less, consume small, nutritious snacks and meals more frequently and do not try to eat after seven o'clock at night when your metabolism is slowest.

Reduce Your Portions
It is a simple fact: Eat less and you will lose weight. To combat this habit, use a smaller plate for your meals. And when ordering or purchasing food, choose the smallest size of calorie-rich items.

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Dig The Crash Diet
Diet makes food an enemy, not a source of food and well-being. So called yo-yo diet lose weight, put it back on, lose it again and so on - is bad for your health. If you suddenly reduce your food intake, you body because it is designed for survival, slow down your metabolic rate to store energy more efficiently.

Don't Rush Your Meals
Eat slowly. It takes half an hour for the brain to recognize that the stomach is full so you will not hurry your meals. It is a major reason why we eat too much. Always put your fork between the bites.

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