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Fat Burning Rules

If you want to lose weight and then remain permanently slim, you need a solid nutrition plan. The first rules for fat burning that is, almost half  refer to the diet.


High Percentage
A nutritional method with a high protein content of approx. 40% promotes muscle growth and accelerates the burning of fat and therefore fat loss.

Eat Fat - But Correct
If you want to lose fat, you have to take good fats to you. Especially polyunsaturated fatty acids e.g. Omega-3 - promote the burning of fat. Take about 30% of your nutritional values through these good fats. You can find them in walnuts, salmon, sardines, trouts or in olive oil and peanut butter etc.

You Need Eggs
Eggs contain much egg protein. If you take three whole eggs a day, they will help you lose much more body fat.

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Drink Plenty Of Water
The daily drinking of two liters of water temporarily increases the metabolic rate by about 30%. In addition, the degraded fat can be transported away better by the liquid. Cold water also causes increased fat burning because your organism needs energy to restore body temperature.


Heavy Weights
Your body always burns fat, but its main work is in the resting phases after the workout. If you now train with heavy weights, your oxygen consumption increases after the sport. This increases the metabolic rate, which in turn can significantly increase the degree of fat burning in the resting state.

Get Up
Research has shown that the fat burning ability is blocked when sitting. So get out of the office as often as possible.

Weight Loss Green Store Tea

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